Fiat Agrijet hot water high pressure cleaner

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The FIAT Hot Water High Pressure Washer offers you the perfect solution for powerful and effective cleaning tasks. With an impressive maximum water temperature of 140 degrees Celsius and a working pressure of 200 bar, this high-pressure cleaner is ideal for tackling stubborn dirt and grease.

What makes this high-pressure cleaner special is the adjustable burning power via a handy rotary knob for temperature setting. This allows you to adjust the heat to the specific cleaning task, resulting in maximum cleaning effect without unnecessary energy consumption.

The FIAT High Pressure Cleaner runs on 400V electricity and diesel, which ensures reliability and consistency in your cleaning work. Plus, this eco-friendly appliance is designed with efficiency in mind, minimizing both your cleaning time and your carbon footprint.

If you are looking for a pressure washer that is both powerful and environmentally friendly, the FIAT Hot Water Pressure Washer offers the performance and reliability you need for your cleaning tasks.

Serial number 2364856
Working pressure 195bar – 19.5Mpa
Maximum pressure 200bar – 20Mpa
Capacity 900 l/h – 15 l/min<
Maximum temperature 140°C – 284°F
burner power 48.1 kW
engine power 5.5 kW
power supply 400V/50Hz
detergent tank diesel
weight 80kg
Year of manufacture 2023